Matt Flynn still waiting and hoping for one more chance

Matt Flynn has experienced a rough couple of years since leaving the Green Bay Packers. First, he was brought to Seattle, presumably, to take the franchise back to the promise land. Matt Hasselbeck had put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl before the team fell off again, but with Flynn, the team was hoping for a reset to the Hasselbeck era.

Unfortunately, at least for Flynn, that’s not what happened. Then-rookie quarterback Russell Wilson exploded onto the scene, making it impossible for the Seahawks to name anyone but Wilson the starter. After being rejected by the Seahawks, Flynn moved down the coast to Oakland, where he was expected to be the starter in Oakland.

Once again, a young quarterback outplayed Flynn in preseason action. This time, Terrelle Pryor played well enough, and Flynn played poor enough, to capture the starting quarterback job in Oakland.

Now, with Pryor possibly sidelined, Matt Flynn may be getting ready for his last chance to score an NFL starting job. Let’s face it. Pryor doesn’t have a stranglehold on the position, and if Flynn played well enough, the Raiders would almost certainly stick with the hot hand instead of reverting back to Pryor. Even if Pryor is able to play this weekend, and it appears he will, Flynn has some hope if Pryor can’t perform after a short week of practice.

If Flynn can learn from past mistakes, he may be able to claim the Raiders’ starting quarterback job. It’s a matter of managing the game, and making the big plays when they’re there for the taking.

The Raiders, at 1-2, are on the brink of losing their season. After a 1-3 start, it would be nearly impossible to come back and make the playoffs. Against the Redskins, Oakland has to play sound football to have a hope of winning. That may play into Matt Flynn’s wheelhouse, and if Flynn gets the start, it may be the perfect game for his coming out party.

Shane Clemons

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