Mike Goodson’s NFL career possibly over

Last week, Mike Goodson, who was signed by the Jets two months ago to a three year, $6.9 million contract, was arrested on weapons and drug charges. The running back allegedly was in possession of marijuana and a semi-automatic .45-caliber gun. While Goodson was not driving the SUV that when it was pulled over, that didn't absolve him from responsibility.

With such serious charges being applied to such a marginal player, it's likely that Goodson's time in New York is done, and it's very possible that his NFL career is also over.

Offensive lineman Willie Colon weighed in on the topic.

"It's one of the things where it's zero-tolerance with stuff like that."

"It's sad. Mike could have been huge for us," Colon told the New York Daily News. "He wasn't around a lot, so I didn't really get to see him a lot. For the most part, I was kind of anticipating seeing how he was going to do in OTAs."

John Idzik has already been responsible for two free agent busts, and we're not even to training camp yet. David Garrard was forced into retirement by his bad knee, and Mike Goodson is now likely done after his arrest. It's true that neither situation was completely foreseeable, but both situations were avoidable. Unfortunately for Jets fans, it seems to be business as usual in New York under the new regime.

Shane Clemons

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