Dee Milliner has catching up to do

The Jets are finally getting rookie cornerback Dee Milliner into camp now that he's agreed to terms with the team. Now, Milliner has some catching up to do if he wants to be up to speed as quickly as possible.

Like Darrelle Revis before him, Milliner has missed some training camp practices, but it’s not to an extent that will set him back significantly. His holdout was beginning to look like a serious situation, but the Jets and Milliner rightly acted quickly, ensuring that he’ll be in camp as soon as possible.

The delay in getting Milliner to agree to terms reportedly resulted from offset issues. Milliner was intent on securing the possibility of getting two paychecks if he was cut by the team, but the Jets wanted to get credit for any money Milliner earned with another team during the four-year guaranteed contract. No word yet on which side was able to win out.

With Milliner set to join his team, the Jets now have a player at cornerback that could rise to the status of their former league-best cornerback, Darrelle Revis — ah who are we kidding; that won’t happen any time soon.

Regardless, Milliner should be an instant contributor to the Jets already strong defense, and the unit gives him a solid chance to grow into one of the league’s best defenders.

Shane Clemons

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