Most underrated teams in the NFL

Yesterday, we brought you the short list of the NFL's most overrated teams. That doesn't mean everyone says those teams are going to the Super Bowl, it just means they seem to be over valued for what they bring to the table. Likewise, today's list is composed of those teams that are constantly slammed, even if they're not as bad as everyone believes them to be. We're not saying all these teams are going to the playoffs, just that they won't be at the bottom of the league.

New York Jets

Say what you will about the New York Circus Jets, the team has a solid defense, and a hard-nosed attitude on the field. If Rex Ryan can find a quarterback on his roster that doesn't turn the ball over very often, his team will be in a lot of close games deep in the fourth quarter. If they can make plays down the stretch, the Jets could end up better than expected, and Ryan may even be able to save his job. A playoff run, however, may be a stretch.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears will need solid quarterback play to win games this season, and luckily, Jay Cutler is a guy that can make plays. With improved offensive line performance, the Bears could be a surprise playoff contender in the NFC. Considering the high level of expected competition from the NFC, though, it's tough to imagine the Bears sneaking into the postseason.

New Orleans Saints

If you haven't heard much from the Saints this offseason, you're not alone. Following a year without head coach Sean Payton, the Saints have been virtually forgotten as an NFC power. While I still expect the Falcons to win the NFC South without too much difficulty, I would be surprised to see the Saints and their high-octane offense miss the postseason for a second straight year.

St. Louis Rams

Last season, the St. Louis Rams quietly battled to nearly a .500 record. This season will be all about taking the next step for the Rams. They're in a very tough division, but they played well within the NFC West last year. If they can do that again, they have the potential to be one of the most pleasant surprises in the NFL. That will, however, require Sam Bradford to begin playing like a top draft pick.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Coming off a 2-14 campaign, there's really only one direction for the Jaguars. They won't be making the playoffs in 2013, but with a new regime, they should be competitive in most of their games. This will also be the last chance Blaine Gabbert gets at quarterback, assuming he beats out Chad Henne and Mike Kafka. Much like the Jets, the Jaguars won't be in the playoffs, but they should turn at least a couple heads with a perfectly mediocre record.

Shane Clemons

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