NFC East: July stock watch

Washington Redskins, UPThe Redskins' stock moves with every report on Robert Griffin III. The good news is that Griffin is still recovering at an astounding rate. Instead of wondering whether he'll be ready for the season opener, we're now asking whether he'll be ready for day one of training camp. So long as Griffin doesn't suffer a setback of some sort, the Redskins are looking like the best overall team in the NFC East.

New York Giants, SLIGHTLY UPVictor Cruz signing a long-term deal with the Giants was huge. It ensures that Eli Manning will have a big-play target, and it takes pressure off a suspect running game. The Giants aren't my favorite to win the division right now, but they're at least back on the right track after a rough season.

Philadelphia Eagles, FLATThe Eagles should be better under their new regime than they were at the end of the Andy Reid era, but the lack of a decision on the quarterback front will prevent the Eagles from entering the season at full speed unless they make that decision early in training camp. While Michael Vick is the favorite to win the job, the long-term solution is likely Matt Barkley.

Dallas Cowboys, DOWNAnother month of the offseason gone, and yet, the Cowboys still don't look any more competitive than they did at the end of last season. In addition to the issue of not improving, the Cowboys are losing ground to the rest of the NFC East in relative terms as well. Robert Griffin III is looking better every day, and the Giants have been able to maintain much of their core group of players.

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