NFC East: June stock watch

New York Giants, UPThe Giants will be exceptionally motivated after their finish a season ago. Eli Manning is still a clutch quarterback, and Tom Coughlin still knows how to coach. Still, there's work to be done. The Giants need to find a running game to get back to form, and the NFC East features a couple of unique offenses the Giants will have to defend. Still, they look good compared to the rest of their division.

Washington Redskins, SLIGHTLY DOWNWe're still not sure what we can expect from Robert Griffin III upon his full return, so it's difficult to put a stock rating on the Redskins. For now, we'll settle with "slightly down," but if Griffin comes back looking great, you can expect the Redskins' stock to shoot back up. In their case, it really is all about Griffin.

Philadelphia Eagles, UPEagles players have done nothing but rave about how great they think the Eagles' new offense is. It'll be tough to evaluate Chip Kelly's new offense until at least preseason action, if not even later than that. While the Eagles may have jumped over the Cowboys in our stock watch, the lack of a declared starting quarterback is holding them down from going higher.

Dallas Cowboys, FLATThe Cowboys have had a rough offseason, with very little positive change, at least as that change is perceived. Tony Romo will have to develop into a better leader, and despite what coaches say, I'm apprehensive that he can make that leap. The NFC East is the most competitive division in football from top to bottom, but the Cowboys currently rank at the bottom. Still, there's plenty of time for improvement.

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