NFC North: June stock watch

Green Bay Packers, FLATWhat can you really say about the Green Bay Packers? Will they win their division? Almost certainly. Will they be considered a Super Bowl contender heading into the postseason? Yep. Is Aaron Rodgers still the most valuable player in the NFC North? You betcha. Yeah, the Packers are at the top of their division, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Minnesota Vikings, FLATTo me, the Vikings are still a fringe playoff team. They may sneak in, but with the Saints getting their head coach back and the Seahawks and 49ers dueling for the NFC West, it's hard to imagine the Vikings making the playoffs unless they can pull a major upset and topple the mightily Packers.

Detroit Lions, SLIGHTLY RISINGThe Lions may be on the rise, but it's a slow climb from the bottom of the division. Despite the addition of Reggie Bush, too much of the offense still relies on Matthew Stafford, and there's still too many questions on defense. In addition, there's simply too much competition in the NFC North to expect the Lions to have a breakout season.

Chicago Bears, SLIGHTLY FALLINGEven with a pretty good quarterback, there's too many holes in the Bears' roster to expect anything but a rough season. There's still problems on the offensive line. The defense will be put in far too many bad positions to succeed. The Bears are beginning to look like a roster in need of a blowup and rebuild, not a playoff contender.

Shane Clemons

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