NFC West: post-draft stock watch

San Francisco 49ers, RISINGThe 49ers walked away from April's draft with eleven players, six of which should be solid players for years to come. Their later picks could prove to be worthy of selection too, it's just too early to make any sort of judgment on picks, especially late round picks. In addition, the 49ers added Anquan Boldin for next to nothing in the offseason. The 49ers aren't going anywhere soon. They'll remain near the top of NFC again in 2013.

Seattle Seahawks, FALLINGThe Seahawks selected an unimpressive draft crop this offseason. In addition, they lost their insurance at the quarterback position. The Seahawks aren't exactly free falling, but with a whole offseason to get ready for Russell Wilson, it's not unlikely that Wilson will suffer a bit of sophomore slump.

St. Louis Rams, FLATIt's hard to imagine the Rams being much better than last season, even with the addition of a blockbuster draft pick such as Tavon Austin. The Rams' draft gave fans some reason for optimism, but in a tough division, this won't be their year to make it back to the postseason.

Arizona Cardinals, FLATThe Cardinals drafted a solid group of players, but they still lack a quarterback to lead the franchise forward. Overall, their talent is improving, but you can't win in the NFL without a passer that can make plays with his arm. That's what the Cardinals are lacking, and it'll keep them from winning more games than they did a season ago.

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