NFL could allow fans to purchase Combine tickets in the future

Every year, the NFL allows a few fans access to the Combine held in Indianapolis. This practice has been exciting for those lucky few that go, but the current system may be on its way out.

Peter King of "Sports Illustrated" reported that the roughly 300 fans that attended this year's Combine were emailed a survey including the question, "If in future years the NFL instituted a charge of $25 to attend the NFL Scouting Combine for one day, how likely would you be to buy tickets?"

The idea of allowing fans to buy tickets to the Combine is nothing new, but it's never gained huge support partly because it turns a scouting event into a spectator's event.

The only silver lining for the scouts that would be interacting with prospects in a somewhat disruptive environment would be the added pressure to perform the fans would add. Although, admittedly, the prospects are already under a great deal of pressure without thousands of fans cheering for fast 40 times.

Still, from a business perspective, it makes sense to allow fans a look at the NFL stars of the future. As an NFL blogger that lives within an hour of Lucas Oil Stadium, I absolutely love the idea, and I hope to be blogging, live from the Combine next year.

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