NFL divisional power rankings

Every division in football has its own personality. The AFC North is know for hard hitting, cold weather football, while the NFC South is known for its air-it-out philosophy. With so many clashing personalities, what division is "the best?" That's a question we aim to answer right now.

1) AFC North

2) NFC South

3) NFC West

4) NFC North

5) AFC West

6) AFC South

7) NFC East

8) AFC East

Now, I likely have some explaining to do because, I imagine, some of you are scratching your heads. We'll start at the top with the AFC North being the strongest division in football. Why? It's actually very simple. It's extremely competitive, and unlike the NFC East, there are three teams that would be near the top of any division in football. The Steelers rarely miss the playoffs in consecutive seasons, the Bengals are on the rise, and the Ravens seem to have dipped some, but are still a strong football team.

The NFC South edged the NFC West for a similar reason. To me, the Panthers and Buccaneers are far more competitive than the Cardinals and the Rams, leading me to put the South over the West. In addition, the Saints will be back to form in 2013 with the return of Sean Payton.

The NFC East and AFC East are the bottom dwellers simply because every team represented by those divisions, except the Patriots, are mediocre. There's a perception that the Dolphins might be solid this season, but that's purely speculation. For example, last season the Chiefs were supposed to make a run to win their division, and they had the first pick in April's draft. The NFC East beat out the AFC East simply because those teams are competitive. They're completely mediocre, but compared to the Jets and Bills, the NFC East doesn't look so bad. They were penalized heavily for not having any standout team, however.

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