NFL launching investment program for current and former players

One of the biggest problems that current athletes in all sports have is often their own ability to manage money. It's a problem that the NFL's taken note of, and they're working on helping current and former players make better investments.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Brady Quinn (yes that one) and Jeff Faine are leading a three-day "Investment for Impact" event at Notre Dame University. The event will involve 13 current and 10 former players, and it is intended to help those players make sound investment decision.

While it's a small step, it's also a step in the right direction. The biggest defense that players can build against losing their financial security is simple education. Most players have devoted their lives to football, and education was secondary. With simple camps, players can learn valuable knowledge that they can apply to their investments.

The camp is likely a trial run for a program that could grow. The NFL benefits from their former players making sound investments in terms of positive public relations. Ideally, no NFL player would ever find themselves broke and out of work, and investing is a big part of that financial security.

Shane Clemons

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