NFL’s least polished week 1 starting quarterbacks

The opening week of the NFL season always has its fair share of hiccups and problems that teams must work through. This season will be no different, with one exception. There are a ton of young signal callers preparing to start for their teams, and many of them aren’t ready to be thrown onto the NFL stage. Here’s the least-prepared of the bunch.

Jeff Tuel, Buffalo Bills

Jeff Tuel may be one of the best undrafted rookie quarterbacks you’ll ever see. In preseason action, he didn’t exactly “wow” anyone, but he wasn’t bad either. Still, an undrafted rookie quarterback has never started the opening game of the regular season in the common draft era, and if E.J. Manuel is indeed out for week one, Jeff Tuel will be the first player to ever accomplish the achievement. The Bills have a spotty offense, and the Patriots won’t make it easy on their defense either. On the bright side, Tuel is getting the best opportunity he could ever dream of to make a claim to stay atop the Bills’ depth chart. All he has to do is outplay Tom Brady. Should be cake – right?

Geno Smith, New York Jets

The Jets are a circus like no other, and the fact that they’re likely going to start a terrible decision maker should only reinforce that point. Mark Sanchez isn’t going to be ready for week one, or at least that’s the way it sounds right now, giving the Jets little choice in this decision, but Geno Smith had an awful run through the preseason highlighted for bad decisions and poor ball security. If that doesn’t improve quickly, the Jets are in for a very rough year.

Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders

Okay, so maybe Pryor will be the Raiders’ starting quarterback and maybe he won’t. The one thing we can say for sure is this guy isn’t ready. To Pryor’s credit, the Raiders haven’t made his job any easier. He’ll be working with few offensive weapons, and he’ll be compensating for a complete lack of surrounding talent. Under normal circumstances, Pryor may be able to succeed, but it’s hard to imagine the Raiders’ offense being productive this season. Their problems won’t be all Pryor’s fault, but his inexperience won’t help them any.

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