NFL to add locker room cameras to enhance in-stadium experience

The NFL continues to search for ways to improve the in-stadium experience, and that means coming up with innovative ways to give content to fans at the game that you can't get elsewhere.

Chalk the NFL's latest move up in the column of such innovation. According to the Associated Press, the NFL has ordered teams to install locker room cameras that display such things as pre-game speeches to the video boards in the stadium. The teams will be able to control exactly what is shown to fans in the stadium.

In addition, teams will now be required to show exactly what the replay official is reviewing on the video boards, regardless of whether it "helps" the home team or not. In the past, the home team could show only angles that make the crowd believe a play happened in favor of the home team.

Give props to the NFL for looking into new ways they can produce their product and enhance the in-stadium experience for fans. Still, the NFL is having a difficult time competing with free games that are broadcast over the air, often, with a better experience.

On my short list of suggestions for the NFL is making concessions affordable in the stadium. Fans want to eat, drink, and be merry while watching games, and I can't count how many times people have told me they stay at home because they just want snacks while they watch. That, to me, should be on the NFL's short list of improvements to the in-stadium experience.

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