NFLPA memo indicates HGH testing is close

The NFLPA and NFL are close to HGH testing according to an NFLPA memo obtained by the Associated Press. In the memo, the NFLPA details how HGH testing will likely function.

Using a computer, five players from eight different teams will be selected each week of the season, meaning 40 blood samples will be taken per week. If a player tests positive, that player will be suspended for four games following the positive test.

In addition, all players will be required to submit an initial sample as part of a population study to determine what levels of HGH will result in a suspension. The memo says that if more than five percent of those training camp samples are above acceptable levels, players testing positive will be entered into a “reasonable cause” program in which they’ll be tested more often and be subject to an eight game suspension if they test positive again.

Although the general framework behind the testing seems to be agreed upon by the league and the NFLPA, it’s unclear when the testing will take effect. No official announcement has been made because there are still some details that haven’t been finalized.

The agreement would finally introduce HGH testing to the league two years after the NFL and NFLPA agreed on the current collective bargaining agreement which was supposed to pave the way for the implementation of testing. Still, progress on that front has been slow, but steady. The reality is HGH testing was always coming; it’s just been a matter of time.

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