Oregon reports ‘major violation’ during Chip Kelly era

In sports, true coincidences are rarely, if ever, actually observed. It was no coincidence that Pete Carroll left a great gig at USC to coach the Seattle Seahawks, and now it appears that Chip Kelly left Oregon for similar reasons.

According to Adam Jude of the Oregonian, the University of Oregon is now admitting that its coaches "committed at least one major violation," during recruiting between the years of 2008 to 2011. The admission will likely put Oregon in hot water, but since Chip Kelly is now with the Eagles, he's essentially untouchable.

The admission is just another example that illustrates one of the predominant problems in colleges athletics. Big programs will cheat to get ahead. It's that simple. In essence, it's a black market system set up by the NCAA's rules against paying college athletes. The truth of the matter is that if paying for athletes' college was fair payment, extra payment wouldn't exist.

Like Pete Carroll before him, Chip Kelly appears to have gotten out of Dodge, er – Oregon, at the right time. We're not saying he saw it coming, but we are saying something smells of rotten eggs.

Shane Clemons

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