Rams face major decisions as their season continues to get worse

Although they have three wins, the St. Louis Rams are one of the worst teams in football, and despite what some may consider a moral victory over the far superior Seattle Seahawks, the Rams are still struggling to remain competitive.

The single biggest problem ailing the Rams continues to be a lackluster offensive attack. Their defense has given them the opportunity to win some game this season, but with no run support coming in from a battered and bruised offense, the Rams are lost in open water without a paddle.

Still, some hope remains for the future of St. Louis. After the remainder of this season winds, down, the Rams will have an opportunity to hit the reset button on offense. Jeff Fisher will likely remain, but Sam Bradford’s future isn’t so certain.

As a number one overall draft pick, Sam Bradford was expected to be the face of the Rams for years to come, but he’s never developed into such a role. Instead, he’s played well enough to keep his job but nowhere near well enough to propel the Rams into a position to compete for a Super Bowl.

That’s not to say the Rams’ woes have been all internal. Since the Rams selected Bradford, the rest of the NFC West has passed them by. The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are at or near the top of the football world. Even the Arizona Cardinals are proving to be a competitive team in the hunt for the last NFC wildcard spot, a party the Rams were clearly not invited to attend.

At season’s end, the Rams will find themselves at yet another crossroad. They can choose to continue with Sam Bradford, but the possibility that he’ll turn into a great quarterback continues to wane with every passing season. The Rams still like their decision makers, but something clearly has to change. The Rams aren’t the only team attempting to turn their ship around, but with the added baggage of keeping decision makers in place while shuffling key offensive players may prove too tough of a challenge for the team heading into 2014.

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