Ravens win Super Bowl 34-31

The Baltimore Ravens are your Super Bowl XLVII champions, but it took a late-game stand to do it. After trailing by as much as 22 points, the San Francisco 49ers were able to make a game out of the Super Bowl.

The turning point in the game was a power outage in the third quarter. Before that, the Ravens dominated the game. After the outage, the 49ers took over, pulling within two points at one point, but their defense just wasn't up to the challenge, allowing the Ravens to knock through a field goal to open the lead back up to five points late.

While the game finished in entertaining fashion, it wasn't for all the right reasons. Essentially, neither team looked like a Super Bowl team, and for me, the game never felt much like a Super Bowl. Early on, one team, the Ravens, looked like a championship team while the 49ers looked like a completely mediocre unit. Late in the game, the two switched roles. The only point in the game that felt like a championship game came with less than six minutes to go, when both teams put it together.

In the end, the Ravens have their second Super Bowl championship in franchise history, and the 49ers, for the first time in team history, lost a Super Bowl. It's not completely clear if the best team won, but the Ravens were the better team today, and that's all that matters.

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