Reggie Bush is confident the Lions can contend; is he arrogant?

This offseason, the Detroit Lions added running back Reggie Bush. He'll add a new dimension to the Lions' running offense, but his greatest contribution may come in the passing game, where he's electric in the open field. Considering the weapons the Lions have, it's not wonder that Bush is confident that his new team can compete at a very high level.

Still, there's a point where confidence becomes arrogance, and that's a line that Bush flirted with when he spoke with the Detroit Free Press.

"Honestly, I don’t think we’re far at all," Bush said earlier this week, after practice. "We have the guys here to be able to win a Super Bowl. Now obviously, with that said, there’s a lot that has to go into this season, this team, this off-season before we can even think about that. Right now, we just got to think about doing the little things right and kind of coming together, building that chemistry that’s going to help us down into the season."

That's the right approach by Bush. He confidently said that the Lions could compete for a Super Bowl, but unlike others who have claimed the same thing through the ages, Bush was careful to point out that there's a lot of work left to be done before the Lions will be there.

The Lions have a very talented offense, but their defense remains a suspect unit, especially on the backend. Until the defense can begin to pull its own weight, we'll go ahead and chalk Bush's talk up as a simple case of offseason confidence. It's great that he feels good about his new team, but the proof of such claims will be on the field this fall.

Shane Clemons

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