Robert Griffin III could start week 1 with no preseason play

Since rehab has begun, Dr. James Andrews has had nothing but positive things to say about Robert Griffin III. He's called him "superhuman," and calling Griffin and Peterson exceptions, not rules to rehab.

We're still too far out to know if Griffin will be able to play in the preseason and week 1 of the regular season. There's simply too much time between then and now. That being said, there's a possibility that Griffin would be ready to play for week 1 without seeing any preseason action. It's a situation we rarely see with quarterbacks, but Griffin doesn't see that as a huge problem.

"I've thought about that and yeah, I would be comfortable with that," said Griffin of playing week 1 without seeing time in the preseason, via The Washington Post. "That's all I can say. I have no control over whether I play in the preseason or not. I would be comfortable running out of the tunnel at FedEx Field with the smoke and everything."

Head coach Mike Shanahan also seemed open to the idea that, if he had to, Griffin could play up to par in week one with no preseason action.

"You'd have to practice … not necessarily against an opponent," Shanahan said. "He'd have to work with the first-team offense and he'd have to have some practice time."

Ideally, if Griffin is going to play week 1, he'll be able to get some very limited play through the preseason. If that happens, his playing time would almost certainly come towards the end of the NFL's exhibition season, and he would likely only play one or two series per game.

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