Robert Griffin III’s injury the lead story line coming out of the wildcard round

The big story line coming out of the wildcard round of the playoffs has nothing to do with the teams advancing. Instead it centers around Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's knee, which he reinsured in somewhat graphic fashion. A video of the injury is below, but if you're somewhat squeamish, simply read on past the clip.

Head coach Mike Shanahan once again talked to the press today, with the conversation hinging around Griffin's knee. Shanahan indicated that his young quarterback will go through tests tomorrow to determine the extent of the damage to his knee, but as the video above shows, it doesn't look good.

With the 2012 season now in the rearview mirror, the Redskins are now playing a waiting game with Griffin. Once the extent of his injury is determined and a time table is established, the team will be able to better plan its next move.

If Griffin's injury is in fact a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), the Redskins may have to prepare to start next season with Kirk Cousins under center instead of Griffin, barring an Adrian Peterson-esque recovery.

As the playoffs continue, the discussion in Washington will continue to be all about Griffin and Shanahan. Should Griffin have sat another week in favor of Cousins? Was this injury preventable? We'll get some answers in the coming days, but some of the big questions won't be answered for months, if ever. For now, the Redskins can only wait and hope their young star can get back to his previous level of play.

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