Robert Griffin III’s training camp schedule could mirror Adrian Peterson’s last year

If reports are to be believed, Robert Griffin III will have no problem trotting out on the field as the Redskins' starting quarterback week one of the regular season. At this point, barring a major setback, that seems to be a given. What's less sure is just how Griffin will begin training camp.

Ian Rapoport of reported that the Redskins have not made any decision about Griffin's status coming into camp. That said, Rapoport did mention that he's hearing the Redskins may treat Griffin in a manner similar to the way the Vikings treated Adrian Peterson's return to training camp a year ago.

Coming off of a torn ACL, Adrian Peterson was probably ready for training camp, but the Minnesota Vikings instead opted to put him on the PUP (physically unable to perform) list for about a week. This was done mainly to protect Peterson from pushing himself too hard at the beginning of camp. Considering the level of play that Peterson carried throughout 2012, that seems to be a winning strategy.

Even though he may be on the PUP list, Griffin would still likely throw the ball around a little bit, but any hard work would be put off until the team thinks he can handle it.

Not addressed in Rapoport's report is Griffin's preseason game status. If the Redskins choose to mirror Peterson's preseason schedule, Griffin wouldn't see any playing time until week one of the regular season. Being the starting quarterback, that seems less likely than starting camp on the PUP list. Griffin may not see playing time in the first two preseason games, but it seems very likely that he'd see at least some time in the third and fourth preseason games.

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