NFL teams that could make you rich

With odds of winning the Super Bowl at 11/2, the Seahawks are still Las Vegas' NFC pick to win this year's Super Bowl. Against the Colts, the team showed some vulnerability, especially playing away from Seattle, but it's also important to note that the Seahawks left a lot on the field. In other words, Seattle should have beat the Colts; they just didn't pull through.

Despite going undefeated to this point, the New Orleans Saints rank just third in Vegas odds at 13/2, and in the NFC, the Saints trail just the Seahawks. Obviously, everyone is playing second fiddle to the Denver Broncos at 5/2 odds. Even though these aren't the type of odds that make gamblers rich, we're at the point in the season where you'll want to take advantage of the information currently available while odds remain in your favor. For example, using the William Hill Free £25 Bet is a good way to get into the sports betting game without the risk of losing big. Such a bet wouldn't make you rich, but it would get you started in the right direction. Here's a few teams that could still pay off big.

Kansas City Chiefs (20/1)

The Chiefs are currently undefeated, and they've used efficient offensive production combined with solid defensive play to get there. Vegas sets them at 20/1 odds right now, but that's likely due to the simple fact that the Chiefs face off against the Broncos twice every year. Even if the Chiefs lose both games to Denver, it's highly likely they'll make the playoffs, and once in the tournament, anything can happen.

Tennessee Titans (100/1)

Never count out the underdog. It wasn't that long ago that the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl and very nearly beat the Pittsburgh Steelers after sneaking into the playoffs out of the worst division in football. There's something to be said for teams that "don't belong," and in the weak AFC South, the Titans have a very real chance to make a playoff push. At 100/1 odds, that push could pay huge dividends.

Pittsburgh Steelers (150/1)

The Steelers aren't dead just yet. The AFC North has seen plenty of ups and downs, and at 3-2, the Browns, Bengals and Ravens hardly have an insurmountable lead over the Steelers. Pittsburgh just spent an early bye week recomposing themselves, and if they could make a midseason run, they may be able to put themselves in position for a divisional title push to make it into the playoffs.

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