Security guard’s lawyer claims to have video of Jones-Drew altercation

Maurice Jones-Drew has not been charged after he allegedly struck a security guard, but if the security guard's lawyer is telling the truth, damning evidence may exist that would likely result in charges.

The statement released earlier today claims that video evidence of Jones-Drew attacking the security guard exists from the Conch House Restaurant and Marina, the place the alleged incident supposedly took place.

"Conch House security video captures Mr. Jones-Drew rapidly approaching Mr. Howard from the back-left side and sucker punching him in the jaw," Gregory Anderson, the security guard's lawyer, wrote in the statement via the Florida Times-Union, "As a result of this attack, Mr. Howard suffered a dislocated jaw and spinal injuries. He was hospitalized, later released and is recovering at home."

"The current attempts by some to characterize this as a 'scuffle' are misleading and unsupported by any evidence. Any fair-minded person watching the video has to conclude that Mr. Jones-Drew initiated an unprovoked attack on Mr. Howard and then literally ran away from the scene. The videos, in addition to virtually all eyewitness accounts, unequivocally prove that Mr. Jones-Drew attacked the security officer without provocation."

It's hard to imagine anyone sucker punching a security guard for no reason, which leads to skepticism that any alleged attack was completely "unprovoked." As details continue to come out, we'll gain a better understanding of what actually happened at the restaurant.

At this point, Jones-Drew claims that he was not involved, and he has maintained his innocence in the matter.

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