Six NFL records that could be broken this month

Here's a breakdown of six major records that are in peril of being broke over the next four weeks. 

Passing touchdowns: Peyton Manning was falling off the pace he needed to break Tom Brady's single-season passing touchdown record, but then he tossed five of them against the Chiefs last week and now it's going to get interesting. With 41 touchdown passes through 12 games, Manning is on pace to throw 54 touchdown strikes. Brady had 50 in 2007. It would probably be an upset now if Manning fell short. 

Passing yards: Manning is on pace to put up exactly 5,500 passing yards, which would break Drew Brees' single-season record by 24 yards. He'll need to average 338 yards over the last four weeks in order to break that record. He's averaged only 320 per game the last seven weeks, so it looks as though he'll probably fall short of this mark. 

Completion percentage: Right now, Philip Rivers is on pace to become one of only five quarterbacks to complete 70 percent of his passes in a season. Rivers is at 70.0 percent on the money, which is 1.2 percent back of Brees' single-season record. However, he's been held below the 70 percent mark in five consecutive games now, so Brees' mark is probably safe.

Passer rating: Nick Foles has a rating of 125.2 and he fully qualifies despite not starting several games in September and October. Aaron Rodgers' single-season record of 122.5 could be in trouble. The Eagles have favorable matchups with Detroit, Minnesota, Chicago and Dallas between now and the end of the year. 

Interception percentage: Again, Foles qualifies, and he's thrown zero picks on 196 attempts. No quarterback has ever thrown zero interceptions in a season on that many attempts, and only Damon Huard has thrown fewer than three on at least 200 passes. Huard had one on 244 in 2006, which calculates to an interception percentage of 0.4. If Foles throws one or no picks and attempts at least 48 more passes, he'll have the record. But if he throws a second pick, it'll be mathematically impossible for him to break the record.

Points scored: The Broncos are on pace to become the first team in NFL history to score 600 points. The 2007 Patriots own that record with 589, but the Broncos are on pace to hit 618. To break the record, they'll have to average 31.3 points between now and Week 17. They've been below that mark only three times all year, but those games all came in the last month. 

You'll notice that all six records were offensive and five involved quarterbacks. Welcome to the NFL in 2013. 

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