Steelers attempting to find their running game

In 2013, the Steelers will be attempting to get back to a more traditional form of Steelers football than we’ve seen in recent years. That will include running the ball more often and more proficiently than the team has done in recent years.

Today, the team went to live hitting to help practice running plays, and there was some good moments and a couple less than stellar ones.

On the plus side of things, Le’Veon Bell got many of the first-team reps and found some level of success according to SBNation. Jonathan Dwyer, on the other hand, didn’t find such success.

Not surprisingly, the Steelers defense was on top of its game, and the unit “dominated” the portion of the afternoon devoted to the running game.

Rookie Jarvis Jones and sophomore Adrian Robinson turned heads with some solid tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

The rub with practicing running for the Steelers is this. That defense is a staunch unit, especially in run defense. If the Steelers’ rushing attack can find room in practice, there will almost certainly be room on the field.

Shane Clemons

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