Steelers RB Isaac Redman getting lighter and faster

When Todd Haley was hired a year and a half ago, it appeared that the Steelers would be renewing a commitment to the running game. Now, heading into season two of Haley's tenure as the Steelers' offensive coordinator, it appears he will be working with a diverse set of running backs.

Isaac Redman, who may very well become the Steelers' starting running back, is currently listed at 230 pounds, but he's planning on losing weight to get faster and more agile.

"Every year there is competition," Redman said in a recent Q&A on the team website. "Each year they bring in new guys at each position. You just have to be ready. I plan on coming in to training camp 10 pounds lighter and am working on getting faster. I have already worked with a speed coach and my goal is to get faster."

If Redman is able to shave ten pounds off his current weight, it'll create some separation between him, Jonathan Dwyer and Le'Veon Bell. With the weight change, the Steelers would have runners of about 220 lbs, 230 lbs and 240 lbs, essentially giving the team an option at running back in any scenario.

In addition to a faster runner, Redman may open up the opportunity for the Steelers to run the rare three-back system in which they could utilize all three of those runners effectively. The advantage of such a system is simply that the defense wears out far faster than the running backs do. It's a viable option that Todd Haley and the Steelers will likely consider heading into training camp.

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