Steven Jackson to void contract with the Rams

Steven Jackson's run, pun intended, with the St. Louis Rams appears to be at its end. According to Mike Sando of ESPN, Jackson plans to void the final year of his contract with the Rams and enter free agency.

Last year, the Rams tried to negotiate an extension with Jackson, but the talks proved fruitless. The Rams then gave Jackson the ability to void the final year of his contract if he decided that was the appropriate course of action.

The market for aging running backs has never been great, but recent trends have been especially rough on running backs. The shelf life for a back is among the shortest of any position in the league, and Jackson, who will be 30 in July, is at the top end of the age scale for effective runners.

On the other hand, Jackson has not had significant injures in recent years. He's played in at least fifteen games per season over the past four seasons, and his average gain per carry has remained steady at just over four yards per carry.

It's unclear where Jackson will land once he's a free agent, but he probably won't be signing a contract immediately after he voids his current contract with the Rams.

Shane Clemons

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