Stunners abound in early games

Early on, it appeared that the first round of Sunday’s action would be characterized by blowouts, but as the day wore on, those blowouts began to get closer and closer. By the end of the first round of games, we had some thrilling, albeit confusing, finishes.

Today’s game in London was a great example of such a strange game. Most, myself included, figured that the Steelers were a far better team than the Minnesota Vikings, even if both teams were 0-3. The Vikings jumped all over the Steelers, but late in the game, Pittsburgh threatened to tie the game with just seconds to go. The Vikings defense was able to force a turnover, and the game ended with Minnesota, not Pittsburgh, winning their first game.

The Texans, in similar fashion, gave up a 20 to 3 first half lead. Unlike the Vikings, the Texans found a way to lose in overtime. The Buccaneers lost a game after an early lead as well. The Lions nearly lost a big lead, and the Bills were also able to hold on late against the Ravens.

So, to review, the Vikings topped the Steelers, the Bills topped the Ravens, the Browns beat the Bengals, and the Texans lost a big lead to the Seahawks. Sounds strange right? Well, it is.

If there was ever a weekend in the NFL that screams, “Take nothing for granted in this league,” it would be week 4 of the 2013 season.

The other less obvious takeaway point to make is how much the NFL landscape has changed in just one year. The Ravens are tied with the Browns and the Bengals atop the AFC North. The Giants were blown out yet again, dropping to 0-4, and the Steelers, who usually compete for a playoff position at the very least, are also stranded without a win.

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