Success is determined by players not plays

Through this week, we've seen many head coaches in the NFL being relieved of their duties. These coaches have seen varying levels of success, but at the NFL level, it's about players, not plays.

Andy Reid left Philadelphia earlier this week, and he's now one of the hottest candidates for other vacant coaching positions. Why? He's a great coach and motivator. Ken Whisenhunt is also a top candidate, despite being fired earlier in the week.

The fact that many of the top head coaching candidates have been recently fired (or have been out of the game for some time like Jon Gruden) indicates that teams are very cognizant of these guys' abilities as leaders. Some teams seem to get it, others don't.

Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was a top candidate before signing an extension with the Atlanta Falcons. Just a year ago, he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and many Jaguars fans considered him one of the worst play callers in the league. Again, it's players not plays.

As teams continue hiring and firing coaches in the coming weeks, consider those teams' moves within their personnel departments. Those moves are as important or more important than their coaching decisions.

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