Terrell Owens’ delusions of grandeur

Terrell Owens hasn't played a down of football in the NFL since the 2010 season, yet he somehow believes there's still a place in the league for him to fit in. He also seems to believe that place is with the New England Patriots, a team that will once again featured in early season Super Bowl discussions. The problem for Owens is that the Patriots aren't looking for distractions. They're looking for players that will help them get back to the Super Bowl, and that's not a mold Terrell Owens fits.

"I think that's a no-brainer," Owens told Blind Side Football of his desire to join the Patriots "You look at what they've done over the years. Under the tutelage of Tom and Coach Belichick, I think the sky would be the limit in terms of what I'd be able to do. Considering my body of work and my history of playing the game."

There are few players to ever play the game that match Terrell Owens, and I'm not talking about his talent. His ego is unmatched in contemporary sports. When asked by Blind Side Football about Owens' behavior both on and off the field if he were to be signed by a team this offseason, Owens dropped this gem on us.

"Well I mean off the field speaks for itself, I don't have any problems off the field. On the field, I feel like I have a lot to offer as far as my experience as I said earlier. At this stage of my career, I feel that a lot of guys could learn just as I did throughout my career in my younger years. Personally, I still learned from a lot of guys as I played the game. I never felt like I knew everything there was about playing the receiver position. Because every receiver has different abilities: to get off the line, to run routes. So I could take a little something from different receivers' routes and the way they play the game and apply it to my game. So, I'm always looking for something different that can be applicable to my skill-set."

Yeah, Owens' off the field behavior speaks for itself. He's a distraction that no team wants, and that's why he's still not on an NFL team.

Shane Clemons

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