The Jets’ offense could change if Geno Smith is their quarterback

The Jets may be one step closer to declaring a quarterback their starting signal caller.

Ian Rapoport of reports that Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg prefers Geno Smith over Mark Sanchez. While Rex Ryan will get the final decision, the endorsement of the team’s offensive coordinator would be a big win for Geno Smith in his bid to secure the team’s starting position.

For Mark Sanchez, the future suddenly appears very murky. He could become a major distraction as the team’s backup quarterback, especially if Geno Smith struggles early on. Although the Jets have never been reserved about keeping distracting players on their roster *cough* Tim Tebow *cough*, Mark Sanchez could be in danger of being dropped by the team if Smith is the Jets’ choice.

Marty Mornhinweg likely realizes that Geno Smith won’t be able to throw the ball around the field as well as Mark Sanchez could, but he adds a dimension that Mark Sanchez just can’t match son the ground. Both quarterbacks are spotty at best in the passing game, so the running aspect may be the determining factor for the Jets.

In addition to the obvious advantages of starting a scrambler at quarterback, Smith would also allow Mornhinweg to be more creative on offense. The Jets could even design their offense around Smith’s skillset similar to the way the Broncos designed their offense around Tim Tebow after they moved on from the Kyle Orton era.

If the Jets are intending on moving forward with Geno Smith, expect their offense to evolve quickly from a pedestrian attack to a unique one that could potentially cause major problems for unprepared defenses expecting the Jets’ classic attack.

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