Tim Tebow turns camera man’s mishap into a quick-witted zinger

Say what you want about Tim Tebow, the man lives a pretty religious lifestyle. Maybe someday he’ll have a slipup of some sort, and ESPN can debate whether he’s lost all credibility on First Take (oh the irony that would be), but last night, Tebow’s quick wits were on full display in the Patriots’ locker room.

So the scenario is simple. Someone has a mishap, yells, “Jesus Christ!,” and Tebow is all over it. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the tweet, I’m sure some of the other players had a good chuckle, even if the statement was likely meant only half as a joke and half as a serious statement.

It also makes me wonder; how many comments such as the one from last night does Tebow actually make on the field?

[H/T: Deadspin]

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