Titans tickets a tough sell; still expected to sell out

Ticket sales is always a big issue in the NFL. Teams are expected to sell out the general bowl seating of their stadiums week in and week out. Many teams have no problem at all doing this while others have historically had a rough go of it.

This year, the Titans are having at least some measure of trouble, although it seems that they'll still be able to avoid blackouts through most of the season.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Titans had 3,500 single-game tickets available for each 2013 home game when those tickets went on sale Friday. The 49ers game nearly sold out, with just 500 still remaining. The games against the Chargers and the Colts have about 1,000 tickets left unsold, and the remainder of their games still have over 1,000 tickets available.

While it's possible ticket sales problems could persist in Tennessee if the team is unable to turn the franchise around, it's extremely unlikely that the team will be forced to endure any blackouts in 2013. The Jacksonville Jaguars have had highly publicized problems selling tickets at times, but they have often been able to avoid blackouts by selling a few thousand tickets in the final week before a game. The Titans' task is far more manageable than that.

The underlying concern is the message ticket selling problems send. The Titans weren't very good a season ago, and this season, their head coach, and effectively their quarterback, will be on the hot seat. If the ship goes down, the Titans will once again be hitting the reset button, meaning a new quarterback, new coaches and definitely less fans in the stands. That's a scenario the Titans would just rather avoid altogether.

Shane Clemons

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