Tony Gonzalez to retire after 2013

Last year was supposed to be Tony Gonzalez's swan song, but the Falcons were able to lure him back to football for one more run at a championship.

That "one more run" will be his last run. At least, that's what Gonzalez told PFT after he was 95% sure that last year was his final run in the NFL.

Gonzalez gives the Falcons an additional offensive weapon whenever he's on the field. He's not the best run blocker in the NFL at the tight end position, but he makes up for it by being one of the top receiving tight ends in the league. Ultimately, he's returning to Atlanta for a shot at a Super Bowl, not for the money he'll be making.

In sixteen seasons, Gonzalez has caught 103 touchdown passes and accounted for 14,268 receiving yards. For those of you averaging that out, Gonzalez averages 891.75 yards per season. Keep in mind that he's a tight end, not a true wide out.

Gonzalez will be entering season 17 in 2013, and right now, it appears it will actually be his last year, but who knows? If he's playing well and feels good at the end of the year, he might only find himself 99% sure he's done, and as it turns out, that one percent may be enough to bring him back in 2014.

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