Tony Romo would like to be “Coach Romo” some day

Tony Romo will be taking on a greater role in the Cowboys’ offense this season. That much we’ve known for some time, and while it may be mostly rhetoric, it does seem that the Cowboys are more committed than ever to holding their quarterback accountable for the way the offense performs.

It’s a role that Tony Romo has embraced, and if one source close to him is accurate, it’s a very natural role that could eventually lead Romo to be an offensive coordinator.

“He’d like to be a coordinator one day,” a source close to Romo told

There’s no doubt that Romo has a firm grasp of the game, but it appears that on the field, he is too often influenced by the pressure of a situation, or at least that’s what the result appears to be. Sometimes, great players make terrible coaches and mediocre players make great coaches. Like being a player, it’s all about a given skill set.

For the immediate future, we don’t have to worry about coach Romo making game-changing decisions on the sideline, but there’s no better experience for Romo than playing if that’s the post-player career he wants to pursue. The next logical step will be for Romo to take more control of calling plays from the line of scrimmage, which would not only allow him to be a better player now, it would give him valuable coaching experience that he may put to use down the road.

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