Top 10 tweets from Super Bowl 47 and the power meltdown

Who needs TV color commentators when your Twitter timeline has more wit and silliness. There was really nothing better to do during the game's power outage than to keep your eyes on your handheld for gems like these.

The second half of SB47 was a nail biter once the 49ers got a grip to come back from a 28-6 deficit. Maybe the power failure had a cooling effect on the Ravens. Maybe Beyoncê's halftime performance charged up San Francisco.

The 'Niners outscored the Ravens 25-13 in the latter half. If the Ravens did not quite put the 49ers away, the "Niners could not close the deal in a game they lost in the first quarter. If only one of their first half field goals was a touchdown….

With the thrilling close, the power failure and the tweet stream, fans will be speaking of this Super Bowl for a long time, right up to the NFL Combine in three weeks.


Anthony Brown

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