Tuck rule could be eliminated; other proposed rule changes

Every offseason the NFL's Competition Committee suggests rule changes that are then voted on by the owners. This year is no different. With the routine list of rule changes, there's one odd one among them.

Per Pro Football Talk, the NFL is considering eliminating the Tuck Rule, one of the most controversial rules in the game today, a rule Raiders fans know all too well.

Under the Tuck Rule, a pass is deemed incomplete if the ball was knocked out of the quarterback's hands as he attempted to "tuck" it away after a forward motion of the arm. With the rule, this would become a fumble.

Other rule changes include:

1) Officials will review plays handled by the booth even if a coach challenges the play first. You could call this the "Jim Schwartz Rule." A coach illegally challenging a play will lose a timeout or be assessed a fifteen yard penalty after the review, but at least the officials will get the calls right.

2) Using the crown of one's helmet to deliver a hit outside the tackle box becomes a foul.

3) Tight ends and H-backs could be allowed to wear jersey numbers 40 to 49.

4) Offensive players may not be allowed to block low when going toward their own end lines within the tackle box. In addition they can’t go low when peeling back anywhere on the field.

Those are the highlights of the proposed rule changes that owners will vote on next week. For a complete list of possible changes, check out PFT's list here.

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