Week 3 NFL Game Viewability Rankings

Week 3 in the NFL is here, and you might be entering the weekend with your own preferences regarding which games to focus on, and which to place on the backburner. Most of you have your favorites and fantasy players to track. But in case you're completely neutral or need help breaking ties with regard to what to watch, we've ranked all 16 games from most appealing to least enticing.

1. Chiefs at Eagles (Thursday night, NFL Network): Two teams that won a combined six games last season? But Chip Kelly's offense is impossible to ignore and the Chiefs are off to a 2-0 start with Philadelphia's former coach running the show. Andy Reid's return to Philly is intriguing, but this game's awesomeness goes far beyond that storyline. Tons of top-end weapons on both sides. This will be really fun. 

2. Colts at 49ers (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET, CBS): San Francisco's defense hasn't been quite right this year, and now it has to go up against Andrew Luck and the Colts in Trent Richardson's debut. The 49ers might be an obvious favorite at home, but it'll be fascinating to see Luck and Richardson together. CBS's top crew will be doing this game.

3. Packers at Bengals (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): OK, I'm biased because I picked this exact matchup for the Super Bowl. But this is a heavyweight defense vs. a heavyweight offense. Expect a lot of points and a close game. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be calling this one for FOX.

4. Bears at Steelers (Sunday night, NBC): Could Pittsburgh start 0-3? And could Marc Trestman's Bears start 3-0? This will also be our first national look at that new-look Chicago team. Two good quarterbacks and two teams with rich histories in prime time. 

5. Falcons at Dolphins (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET, FOX): Julio Jones, Roddy White and Mike Wallace make this sexy. The Dolphins have been making some early waves and are at home, and we've got two good young quarterbacks in this one, too.

6. Bills at Jets (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET, CBS): This would have been at the bottom of the list prior to the year, but things have changed a bit. The Jets still suck, but Buffalo has been playing really well and this intra-divisional, intra-state rivalry will feature not one but two rookie quarterbacks. Should be interesting. 

7. Buccaneers at Patriots (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): It's completely possible this becomes a blowout, but if it doesn't, we have a second half to watch. Tom Brady vs. Darrelle Revis again and a meeting between two teams that have been dealing with a lot of turmoil lately. Will the Patriots let an inferior opponent hang around again?

8. Texans at Ravens (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS): Another Reed makes a return to his former home. Different spelling, though, and an injury might still prevent Ed Reed from suiting up in his Baltimore homecoming. This is a great matchup, though, between two perennial AFC playoff teams. 

9. Lions at Redskins (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): Two extremely dangerous offenses with some serious weapons and two questionable defenses. How will Robert Griffin III look in his third start back, especially against such am aggressive defensive front? And can the 'Skins slow down Calvin Johnson? This is a sweet matchup.

10. Cardinals at Saints (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): The Saints are always entertaining and Arizona has a stronger offense now that it has a reliable veteran quarterback. This is an under-the-radar game with Patrick Peterson going up against Drew Brees and the Saints D stepping it up. Watch for it to be close in the second half.

11. Giants at Panthers (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): The Giants are in the mix in December every year, but an 0-3 start could change that. They're actually a road underdog against the Panthers, so this one could get real interesting. Plus, two talented quarterbacks. 

12. Raiders at Broncos (Monday night, ESPN): The Raiders aren't sexy enough for prime time, and the Broncos should romp at home, even without Ryan Clady. This only stays out of the bottom four because of Peyton Manning and that Denver offense.

13. Chargers at Titans (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS): C'mon, does anyone really expect either team to be better than 8-8 this year? I don't trust either quarterback. This is a sub-par matchup that will be buried in traffic Sunday afternoon.

14. Rams at Cowboys (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX): Meh. Dallas is talented and entertaining but the Rams still don't do enough for neutral viewers. Expect this to be a relatively low-scoring game.

15. Browns at Vikings (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS): No Brandon Weeden, no Trent Richardson. The Browns are low on hope, and they aren't at home so we don't even get to see how they'll be received by the fans after the Richardson trade. Adrian Peterson can't singlehandedly save this game.

16. Jaguars at Seahawks (Sunday, 4 p.m. ET, CBS): If you enjoy demoralizing blowouts, then this game's for you. The Jags are massive underdogs traveling across the country. This will be a mess.

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