Wes Welker enjoying his new team

When the Patriots failed to re-sign Wes Welker, a division seemed to temporarily open between quarterback Tom Brady and the team. Brady openly questioned why Welker had been allowed to walk, and was clearly angry.

For Wes Welker, it's less of an open and shut discussion. He seems to be enjoying his new gig with the Denver Broncos, and when you go from Tom Brady to Peyton Manning throwing to you, who could blame him?

"I feel like I can be myself a little more for sure," Welker told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. When asked if he'd received any pre-interview instructions about what subjects to avoid, Welker laughed and said, "Here? No. … All they told me was, 'Just be yourself.'"

While it's not a shot on the same level of Mike Wallace's parting shots at the Steelers, it's still something, and it gives us a brief glimpse into what it's like to be a player with the New England Patriots. While the Patriots are expected to be in contention every year, it's also apparent that players in New England are subject to a much more business-like approach than elsewhere. It works for New England, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something equally as advantageous, or even better, out there.

Wes Welker is now in a more relaxed situation with a different offensive mindset. Still, it'll be very interesting to see how his production is affected by the move. Some bumps in the road are to be expected, but with Peyton Manning still there, it's hard to imagine any problems bigger than minor bumps in the road.

Hopefully, Welker continues to give us brief looks into his former team's regime.

Shane Clemons

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