What’s next for Josh Freeman?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to roll with Mike Glennon, and former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman is out. It was a move everyone saw coming, especially once it became apparent the Bucs couldn’t move Freeman via a trade.

The whole situation made the Buccaneers look like the most dysfunctional football team in football led by the pettiest head coach in the league, but with Freeman gone, the team is finally able to move on from their homemade debacle.

Josh Freeman, on the other hand, is now left to wonder exactly what is in his future. Now that he’s free to join any team that will have him, what’s next for Josh Freeman?

The first, and least likely option for Freeman, is to sign with a team looking for a starting quarterback. Considering the perception of serious character flaws, there’s little hope for Freeman in terms of landing a new starting position.

Now, that being said, the fact that Freeman is now a free agent gives him the ability to negotiate a new, more acceptable contract. The big hang-up with any trade opportunity was Freeman’s contract. With that out of the way, Freeman may be able to sign with a team willing to pay him a less risky figure.

There are a number of teams that are well set up at quarterback. Those teams could be looking to add depth to protect their team from injury at the league’s most important position. Josh Freeman has connections in Oakland and Green Bay, and although he wouldn’t be the starter in either situation, he would give both teams a legitimate backup option should their starting quarterback fall to injury.

The other option for Freeman is to sign with a team as their quarterback of the future. At just 25 years old, Freeman isn’t an old quarterback, and there’s still time for him to make a new start. Although no teams are apparently interested in rebuilding around Freeman, teams like the Jaguars (who seem completely uninterested in Freeman), Rams or Vikings could consider bringing in Freeman as a way to push their current quarterbacks or even take over.

In the end, it seems extremely unlikely that Josh Freeman will be making any significant appearances in the NFL the rest of the season. To land a starting gig, Freeman has to convince at least one quarterback needy team that he isn’t a character concern in the locker room. If he can do that, we may see more of Josh Freeman in the future.

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