Where the Jaguars are headed following Mike Mularkey’s dismissal

As many expected, David Caldwell's first signifiant move as the Jaguars' general manager was to dismiss head coach Mike Mularkey, the team announced the move earlier today.

Mularkey spent one season as the Jaguars' head coaching, leading them to just a 2-14 finish, and providing Caldwell with the second pick of this year's NFL draft. For the Jaguars, the move means a complete restart for the team. They now have an owner going into his second offseason with the team, a new general manager and a new head coach coming.

"I informed Mike today that he will not return as head coach of the Jaguars," Caldwell said in a statement. "I know Mike well and do not want anyone to misinterpret the rationale behind my decision. Mike is an excellent coach and I am sure he will succeed in his next stop in the NFL. However, I must do what I believe is best for the Jacksonville Jaguars and immediately explore every avenue possible to turn our football team around. For that to happen as seamlessly as we want, and as quickly as our fans deserve, I feel it is in everyone's best interests for an immediate and clean restart."

It's believed that the Jaguars will seek San Francisco offensive coordinator Greg Roman to fill the now vacant position at head coach. Roman was David Caldwell's college roommate, and the personal ties could bode well for the 49ers' offensive mind.

The overlooked factor in the possibility of bringing in Roman is that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith may also be available at some point this offseason. Alex Smith is far too expensive for the 49ers to keep as a backup quarterback, and the Jaguars could seek to reunite Smith and Roman in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars will likely immediately begin seeking candidates for their head coaching position, and they'll likely interview many potential coaches, but don't be surprised if the coaching search continues until the 49ers' playoff run is over.

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