With surveillance video inconclusive, Jones-Drew not charged

Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jacksonville Jaguars have dodged a major setback. It was announced today that Maurice Jones-Drew will not be charged after he allegedly struck an employee at a restaurant.

The lawyer for the alleged victim claimed that there was surveillance video that proved his client had been hit by Maurice Jones-Drew, but as you can see in the video, there's no way of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Jones-Drew actually hit anyone.

Jones-Drew may still be sued, but he won't be heading to jail, and he'll likely serve no suspension from the league or the team.

The Jaguars would have been in big trouble had Jones-Drew been charged. The Jaguars' offense starts the season with rock-bottom expectations, and losing their best player would have only drug those expectations even further down. In addition, Jones-Drew may be the Jaguars' best weapon against opponents' relentless pass rushes. Opponents know the Jaguars can't throw the ball well, and when it's a throwing situation, it's almost always game over for the Jags.

Shane Clemons

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