You Can Now Buy Stake in a Pro Football Team on Craigslist

I remember when I first heard from a guy that he bought his BMW on Craigslist and thinking how ridiculous that seemed. Now, people can buy pretty much anything on the popular classified advertisement website, including a professional football team called the Titans. 

No, not those Titans

But if you're interested in the Indoor Football League's Cedar Rapids Titans, 20 percent of that squad can be yours for $80,000. That's because minority owner Mike Polaski is offering up his share of the IFL team after "a downturn in [his] ‘core’ business (restaurant owner) has forced [him] to liquidate [his] 20% ownership," according to the ad. 

Cedar Rapids won just four games last season, finishing second-last in the United Conference. The Titans didn't even get a chance to face Terrell Owens and the Allen Wranglers, because Owens had already been released by the time those teams met late in the season. The good news, for everyone except Polaski, is that they're off to a 3-0 start to 2013. 

Somehow I still don't think this is a sound investment. 

But don't worry, Titans fans. Co-owner Chris Kokalis says the team isn't going anywhere.

(Hat tip: Black Sports Online and KCRG Cedar Rapids)

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