Adam Muema may be missing after God told him to leave the NFL Combine early

On Sunday, former San Diego State running back Adam Muema left the NFL Scouting Combine before working out due to religious reasons.

Muema told the San Diego Union-Tribune that his immediate plans were not decided as of Sunday as he waited in Indianapolis International Airport for a flight out of Indiana, saying, “(God) told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace.”

Since leaving the Combine on Sunday and indicating that God informed him he’d be drafted by the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, Muema has not been heard from, though that doesn’t make him a missing person.

“I have no idea where (he) is,” a person close to Muema said via the San Diego U-T. “(San Diego State coaches) have been trying to track him down, too. Every time they do, his phone is off. … It's a frustrating deal.”

Per the report, no one from San Diego State, the people charged with preparing him for the draft or his high school coaches have been able to reach Muema. The report did not explicitly indicate that he was out of contact with his family, however.

"It's a big mystery," said Lou Farrar, Muema's former high school football coach. "At this point, we just hope he's safe. As long as he's safe. That's all that really matters.”

Obviously, Muema’s safety and wellness is the primary concern. It’s very possible that Muema is simply distancing himself from the draft process and football due to his religious devotion, and hopefully that’s all that’s actually going on here.

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