Biggest busts of 2014 NFL Draft class

Coming into the 2014 NFL season, every fan base expected their top draft pick to become a key piece to their success this season. In the case of Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, Khalil Mack and Anthony Barr, the teams that drafted them are elated. On the other hand, some teams are wishing they picked another player instead of the guy stuck at the bottom of the depth chart.

While all of the players about to be listed could turn into solid contributors, they have failed to make the expected impact this season.

1. Jadeveon Clowney

Clowney was supposed to be the next Lawrence Taylor, but things have gone completely awry. The former South Carolina star has amassed four tackles in three games, with no sacks and a very active Instagram account during games. Clowney was expected to become an instant star across from J.J. Watt, but instead has become a source of contention in Houston.

In fairness, Clowney has been slowed by knee injuries, but even when he has been healthy his play has disappointed. It’s fair to wonder of Clowney will be another man in the long line of athletic freaks who simply don’t have the drive to make it in the NFL.

2. Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football went to the Cleveland Browns, expecting to make some magic happen right off the bat. Instead, he angered management by partying in Las Vegas with some questionable characters. Ultimately, Manziel lost the battle for starting quarterback to Brian Hoyer, a player who will not be going to a Pro Bowl any day soon.

Manziel is yet to start a game and probably won’t the rest of this season without an injury to Hoyer, considering the Browns are 6-4 and vying for an unexpected playoff spot. Manziel has come off as immature and ill-prepared, two knocks that are cardinal sins as a quarterback in this league.

3. Marcus Smith

The Philadelphia Eagles took Smith with the 26th overall pick, hoping to find a lesser-known gem out of Louisville. Instead, then seem to have drafted a kid with some questionable practice habits. When you can’t see any time for a defense that has lost Mychal Kendricks and DeMeco Ryans to injuries, it’s a major problem. Both on the inside and outside, Smith has failed to earn any quality playing time.

Smith has only played in five games and has no statistics. At this rate, Smith might be the worst first-round pick the Eagles have made since Danny Watkins.

Matt Verderame

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