Current Seattle Seahawks feel a lot like the ’92 Cowboys

Naturally, because the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl last season, and because the Seahawks had never won a championship prior to that, many of us are asking whether this young Seattle team has a chance to become a dynasty in the years to come.

While dynasties seem to no longer exist in this parity-plagued era of NFL football, there have been a couple in the last 20 or so years. And one of them — the Dallas Cowboys of the early-to-mid-1990s — sort of had the same feel as this Seahawks team when it won its first of three championships in a four-year span back in 1992.

That was pointed out to us by a Reddit user named Loofahs, who noticed some glaring similarities. His points, along with a few we’ve added:

1. The ’92 Cowboys were the youngest team in football. The ’13 Seahawks were the league’s fourth-youngest team and the youngest to ever win a Super Bowl.

2. Both had the league’s top-ranked defense.

3. Both defeated their rival in the NFC championship game. In both cases, that rival was San Francisco.

4. Pete Carroll and Jimmy Johnson both came from the college ranks and won for the first time in their fourth season as head coach.

5. Emmitt Smith and Marshawn Lynch share running styles.

6. Stars Michael Irvin and Richard Sherman share trash-talking styles.

7. Both went 13-3. Both went 11-5 the previous season and 7-9 the year before that.

8. Both won the Super Bowl by exactly 35 points.

9. Both had/have young quarterbacks (Troy Aikman was 26, Russell Wilson is 25) who had/have yet to hit their prime.

10. They both averaged 26 points per game on offense and both allowed 15 points per game on D. Both allowed 4.5 yards per play.

11. The Cowboys outscored their opponents by 166 points. Seattle outscored its opponents by 168. has an even more in-depth comparison here.

Some of these are coincidental, while others are quite legit. Either way, it’s a bit spooky. And it bodes well for Seattle.

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