On Brandon Flowers and the desire to get back at former lovers

Brandon Flowers didn’t lash out at the Kansas City Chiefs for cutting him out of the blue after six quality seasons as a starter, but it’s clear he considers the fact he’ll now get to face his former team twice a year to be one of the bonuses of signing with the division rival San Diego Chargers.

“That definitely played into the decision,” Flowers told via XTRA 1360 in San Diego, per Pro Football Talk. “Just the way I play the game, I felt like it would be fun. … Just going back to see some of the fellas, some of the coaches, it will definitely be fun.”

Nothing overly controversial there, but you know that it’s not just about seeing the fellas and the coaches. It’s about showing the fellas and the coaches that they made a mistake. That’s what Flowers is saying in as many words, which if refreshing in spite of its subtly.

Flowers was no longer a good fit in the Chiefs’ system. They were moving in different directions and they’re both better off without one another. But the reality is that it hurts regardless, and now there’s a natural desire for both sides to prove that they’re better off than one another.

Neither side will admit that’s in their heart or mind, but that’s part of the process. We’ll get our first feel for how well both parties have moved on when the two happen to attend the same party Oct. 19 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, but Flowers won’t have a chance to return to his former home to pick up items left behind until their Week 17 meeting at Arrowhead.

Sports imitates life, right?

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