Super Bowl city comparison: Denver vs. Seattle

Denver, Colorado vs. Seattle, Washington


Denver: The Mile-High City

Seattle: The Emerald City


Denver: 634,265

Seattle: 634,535


Famous Features:

Denver: Beautiful scenery, County fair joint-rolling contest (coming this summer)

Seattle: Space Needle, Loudest stadium in the world

Famous Figures:

Denver: Isaac Slade, Ace Young, LenDale White

Seattle: Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix

Crime Rate:

Denver: 44.00 crimes per 1,000 residents

Seattle: 59.02 crimes per 1,000 residents

Best Known For:

Denver: Being a mile above sea level

Seattle: Rainy, dreary weather


Denver’s weather patterns are less consistent than Seattle’s but its crime rate is significantly lower than Seattle’s. Still, Seattle has been the birthplace of many influential, and dare we say cool, people. In a battle of the cities, it’s a near push, but we’ll give the edge to Seattle for its Space Needle and having the best fans in all the land.

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