Super Bowl weather looks good to go, future title games safe too

The blizzard that was all but guaranteed when the NFL announced MetLife Stadium would be hosting Super Bowl XLVIII seems to be a figment of our imaginations. Instead, The National Weather Service is calling for Sunday’s high to be in the mid-40s, and the Sunday night low is 27 degrees. In other words, fine football weather.

For everyone that is concerned about future cold-weather Super Bowls, you don’t have to worry for some time. The next three big games will be hosted in Arizona, California and Texas respectively. Beyond that, the future venues have yet to be determined.

This isn’t the first time cold-weather city has produced mild weather during the Super Bowl festivities. In 2012, Indianapolis hosted the game, and although the Super Bowl was held in an indoor facility, highs during the week leading up to the game were well above the average for the city in early February.

The next NFL championship up for grabs is Super Bowl LII, which will be held in 2018. The three contenders to host the game are currently Minneapolis, touting their yet to be built stadium, New Orleans and Indianapolis.

With new stadiums going up in rapid fashion, expect cold-weather cities to continue hosting the Super Bowl, even if the game is played indoors. Minneapolis is likely the favorite to win the bid for Super Bowl LII, and you can bet there will be more sour weather talk leading up to the game in 2018.

Still, that shouldn’t prevent those cities from winning bids, especially when some of the best stadiums will reside in the north. I mean really, would you rather go to a game at the Superdome in New Orleans or Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Dumb question, right?

Shane Clemons

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