This weekend in NFL stupid

A recap of all that was stupid during the 16th weekend of the 2014 NFL season…

The stupidest hot-dog moment

Not the first team Marshawn Lynch has grabbed his junk while capping a fantastic play, marring an otherwise beautiful feat, and it won’t likely be the last time.


Still stupid, every time.

The stupidest player

This is an all-timer award, and it goes to Lions center Dominic Raiola, who has always flown under the radar as one of the dirtiest, most despicable members of the NFL fraternity. Raiola is and always has been a classless thug, and the football world was once again reminded of that on Sunday when he deliberately stomped on Ego Ferguson’s leg.


But that’s not all…

I remember attending a Lions-Bills game with my family when I was a teenager and seeing Raiola — then a youngster — flipping the bird to fans in my section. Just watching the way he carried himself, I knew he was a loser. And for over a decade since, he’s done nothing to change my mind.

The stupidest quarterback decision

Seriously, Matt?


That throw into triple coverage was the second interception of the first half for Stafford, who could have cost his team a must-win game in Chicago.

The stupidest penalty, player edition

Roughing-the-passer and unnecessary roughness penalties have been over-called this season, but there’s no excuse for what Ziggy Ansah did to Jimmy Clausen in Chicago:


The stupidest coaching decision

Basically a playoff game for the Chiefs and Andy Reid gives the ball to Jamaal Charles — without a doubt his best and maybe his only offensive weapon — only 14 times. How in a one-score game does a team like that hand the ball off only nine times to its star running back? That stupid approach might have cost Kansas City a shot at the playoffs.

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